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Texas Adult Driver Education

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Texas Adult Drivers Ed Course

Now Required for Ages 18-24 | Convenient for Ages 25+

Texas Adult Drivers Ed Course

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Texas TEA Approved C2267 Drivers Ed

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Who Should Take This Course?

Mandatory for 18-24

This Adult Drivers Ed program was initiated in 2010 as a mandatory course for anyone between 18 and 24 who has never had a drivers license.

  • We were one of the first approved online providers.
  • We've been doing online drivers ed for over 15 years.

Convenient for 25+

We are also approved by the TEA to provide this course to:

  • New to state drivers
  • Foreign-born
  • Residents over 25

By taking our online Texas Adult Drivers Education course, you'll eliminate the need to take a written test at the DPS to get your drivers license.

3 Simple Steps

Want to get your driver’s license the easy way? I Drive Safely’s Texas Adult Driver Education course is entertaining, interactive, and easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Take the Course
With I Drive Safely’s Adult Driver Education course, you can register now and begin right away. And with 24/7 access, you can complete the 9 easy chapters entirely at your own pace.

Step 2: Pass the Online Exam
After your coursework you’ll take the final exam: 30 multiple-choice questions on road signs and rules. Don’t stress - you have 3 attempts to get a passing grade (70% or higher). After you pass, all that’s left are the vision test and driving test at the DPS!

Step 3: Get Your Certificate!
Passing your final exam earns you your Certificate of Completion, which I Drive Safely mails right to you (if you pass before 3:00 PM, we’ll even send it on the same day). From there, simply bring the certificate to the DPS and take your vision and driving tests!

Go With The Leader in Online Driver Education

With over 15+ years of experience in the industry, I Drive Safely has provided driver education courses in Texas for more than a decade. And, we are proud to be an approved provider of this Texas Adult Driver Education Course. Quality you can trust, convenience you can appreciate – your success is our goal.

Mandatory for 18-24.

As one of the TEA approved providers to offer Texas Adult Driver's Ed Online, our approved course is perfect for adults ages 18 to 24 who live in the state of Texas. And remember, 18 to 24 year olds who want a Texas Drivers License but have never taken a Drivers Education course are still obligated to take one.

This adult driver's education requirement was established by the Texas legislature in 2009 to ensure that all first-time drivers - regardless of age - have the proper training required to earn their driver's license in the state. These provisions only apply to first-time license applicants within the state of Texas. If you already possess a license from another state or country, you do not have to complete this course in order to obtain a Texas driver's license.

Recommended for 25+

And if you're a driver who's either new to the state, born in another country, or a Texas resident who's 25 years or older and never got a license in the past, we've got you covered. We give you another great option for taking your written exam instead of heading to the Texas DPS because we're approved by the TEA (COURSE License Number/School # C2267). What's more, our online course makes it a lot easier to learn the traffic laws of Texas so you're always at your best behind the wheel.

Automatically Pass The DPS Exam

And best of all, once you pass our 6 hour adult drivers ed course, you automatically pass your written DPS exam. Simply pass the course and we’ll send you a certificate of completion that you states you passed your DPS written exam. Once you receive your certificate, you present the certificate to the DPS to get your license. Please note, if you do not currently have a license, you will also be required to take a behind the wheel exam.

Online Makes it Easy!

You’ll also enjoy all the benefits that come from taking our Adult Drivers Ed course online. It’s only 6 hours long so if you wanted you could complete the course in a day. However, most of our students benefit from the ability to study a little at a time, when it’s most convenient for them. With our online Texas Adult Drivers Ed course, you could study an hour or so in the morning, take a break, come back in the afternoon, and start up again. And you’ll return to the same place you last left off. No wasting time backing up and relearning old lessons. You’ll always be ready to move forward.

Multimedia Course Makes it Fun

Our online Texas adult drivers education course is different from most other courses you’ll take. While classroom training is essentially lectures and workbooks, our online Adult Driver Ed Texas course is completely flash-based, meaning it’s like watching TV. Our lessons are accompanied by an announcer explaining the course materials and presenting you with animations and videos that are proven to help you learn more and remember it longer – which comes in handy when you’re taking your final exam.

Feel Confident In Making The Right Choice

With I Drive Safely’s Texas Adult Drivers Ed, you can rest assured you are getting the easiest, most comprehensive course possible. Convenient to take. Simple to do. And fun to watch.  Go with the leader in Texas Adult Driver Education instructions – go with I Drive Safely.

Free Shipping

We process your certificate of completion the same day you finish the Texas Adult Driver Education course and we even mail it right to you for free; this way you can start driving as soon as possible without any of the hassles!

A Price You Can't Beat

At I Drive Safely, we make sure that you can take the best course in the industry at a competitive price. Keeping the price low for the Texas Online Adult Driver's Ed course means everyone can take it, and that.s what we want to ensure. The price is all-inclusive too, so what you pay initially is all that you will ever be charged; we guarantee there are no hidden fees. And with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you're free to change your mind and get back every penny.

Quality Learning - Your Way

Our course is designed to engage you and suit your schedule, so you can learn the way you learn best. You'll watch enlightening videos and interesting animation, you'll hear a useful voice-over, and you'll be able to interact with the material directly - all from the comfort of your home computer. Log off anytime and jump right back in where you left off, anytime. It's that easy.

Everything You Need

Fully approved by the DPS, this course satisfies all requirements for an Adult Driver's Ed course in the state of Texas. So you won't need to worry: by course's end, we'll get you all the paperwork you need to move forward with your driving goals.

Still Have Questions?

Our customer support team members work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure there is always someone available to assist you throughout the Drivers Ed Adult TX course. You can get in touch with a customer support team member by email, or calling our toll-free hotline.

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Texas Adult Drivers Ed