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Texas Adult Driver Education Course

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Mandatory for Ages 18-24 | Convenient for 25+

TEA Approved C2267

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This adult driver education course is for people ages 18 to 24 who want to become licensed drivers in the state of Texas. This course is designed to be done entirely online, so all you need is a computer with an Internet connection to access it. This way you can easily customize it to fit around your schedule, rather than having to rearrange things to make room for it. You can read more about the steps you need to take to get your driver's license in Texas by clicking on our How to Get Your Texas Driver's License Age 18 and Over. We cover the entire process from Driver's Ed to getting your driver's license.


The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has approved this online course statewide, so by taking it you can qualify for your driver's license; all you need is your Certificate of Completion.

This Texas Adult Driver Education Course Has:

  • Online accessibility anytime and anywhere
  • A very affordable price
  • Unlimited logins and logouts
  • TEA approval
  • Free certificate shipping
  • 24-hour Customer Support
  • Same-day processing

Course Structure

This adult driver education course is divided into 9 units, so you will never get overloaded with too much information at one time. Each unit is taught through Flash animation, too, so there are interactive features along the way to keep you entertained. There is a short quiz at the end of each unit, so you can review what you have just learned.

Come and Go As You Please

You can log in and out of this Texas adult driver education course as often as you want, so you can work on it in multiple sessions. There is no time limit on the Texas Adult Driver's Ed course either, so you can work at your own pace without ever feeling rushed or pressed for time. Your spot is bookmarked for you each time you log out, so when you return, you can just pick up right where you left off.

Final Exam Attempts

You can take the final exam for this adult driver education course multiple times, because we want to make sure you are a success. Plus, every question on it is multiple-choice and has been taken right from the Texas Adult Driver's Education course material, so the unit quizzes more than prepare you for it.

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